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PMW-300 and PMW-400 XAVC Firmware Updates Released.

Sony have released firmware updates for the PMW-300 and PMW-400 that include the 10 bit 4:2:2 I frame XAVC codec at 100MB/s. Now you can have great quality 10 bit recordings on these cameras for no extra charge.  To comply with the XAVC standard the cameras also gain the ability to format the recording media using ExFat.

Click here for the PMW-300 firmware.

Click here for the PMW-400 firmware.

PMW-F3 Firmware V1.4 to include S-Log in Picture Profiles.

Just a quick note from NAB that firmware version 1.4 for the PMW-F3 will include S-Log as a selectable gamma curve within the picture profiles. This will be a free update, due out some time before the end of June (it’s in beta now, the F3’s at NAB have it installed). S-Log will function in all F3’s whether you have the CBK-RGB option or not. However if you don’t have the RGB option you will not get any Look Up Tables, no EI-Slog and no 4:4:4 output, only 4:2:2.
This is a fantastic addition and by having S-Log as a gamma curve within the picture profiles you will be able to tailor many of the setting such as white balance, matrix and detail to suit the shooting condition.

PMW-F3 Firmware Version 1.3 Available Now.

The latest version of the firmware for the PMW F3 is now available to download from the Sony Canada web site: http://support.sonybiz.ca/esupport/init.do

The key feature of this update is the ability to now output clean 4:2:2 S-Log from the “A” HDSDi port while outputting S-Log + LUT etc from the Sdi out. Of course you still need the S-Log option to be able to do this. There are also some extra 3D-Link features and support for the new Sony wide angle PL mount lens.

New Firmware for PMW-F3. EI-Slog and Lens Control

Sony have posted the latest firmware version for the PMW-F3 on the US web site, click here to go there. This new firmware brings the addition of EI S-Log to those users that have the S-Log option installed. It also adds support for the new Sony servo zoom lens SCLZ18x140. A couple of other improvements include better histogram display and a menu scroll function. Also for S-Log users is the ability to adjust the preset white balance while in S-Log mode.


New Firmware for EX1R – v1.2 with Forward Planning MetaData.

Sony have released a firmware update for the EX1R. This includes a couple of minor bug fixes and introduces forward planning metadata capabilities to the EX1R. The PDW-700/F800 XDCAM HD camcorders have had forward planning metadata for some time now and the F3’s new firmware also allows for it’s use. It’s designed to allow the user the ability to upload clip naming data and other data to the camera quickly and easily prior to shooting by copying the metadata to an SxS card.

Clip names

User-specified characters can be displayed (MP4/AVI).

Planning metadata

Shooting with planning metadata is possible. • Planning metadata can be read from recording media inserted into a memory card slot. • The planning metadata to be read can be selected.

• Clip names based on names defined in planning metadata can be specified.

• Clip names can be specified in languages other than English.

• More shot marks can be added.

• Shot mark names can be specified in languages other than English.

• Shooting information can be reflected in planning metadata.

• Information contained in planning metadata can be viewed.

Picture cache recording

When recording was performed in picture cache mode (picture cache time: 13 to 15 seconds) with i.LINK output, the cache data in memory was sometimes not recorded. That problem was corrected.

Click Here to go to the download page. There are also minor updates for the EX1 and EX3 released June 11th 2011 with some extra SxS card compatibility added.



Details of free and paid firmware updates for PMW-F3

From the Sony Cinealta Web Site

With respect to the PMW-F3 firmware updates which should be available any day now:

The following features are free of charge:

  • Dual Link HD-SDI output
  • 4:2:2 10bit 1080  23.98/ 25/ 29.97PsF*
    • *1080  59.94i and 50i are already available with V1.00.
    • SxS software key installation for CBK-RGB01 and CBK-3DL01.
    • Planning metadata functionality same as PMW-350 V1.30 except Wi-Fi.
    • Simultaneous HD-SDI and HDMI output (menu setting)
    • Ability to use the S & Q dial for menu setting (same as jog dial on the rear panel).
    • Display the signal format of the Dual Link output on the STATUS window.
    • In Thumbnail mode, vertical navigation of the cursor is now possible
    • TC output follows the internal Timecode Generator (TCG).
    • One-click adjustment of Peaking, Brightness and Contrast of the LCD/EVF.

The following features are activated with the CBK-RGB01 optional cost-based software key:

  • RGB4:4:4 10bit, 1080  23.98/ 25/ 29.97PsF output on the Dual Link HD-SDI or 3G-SDI.
  • S-LOG Gamma output on the Dual Link or 3G-SDI.
  • Switching HD-SDI Dual Link and 3G-SDI.
    • 3G-SDI is only available on the Link-A connector and Link-B is OFF.
    • LUTs (including x4 preset and x5 user-defined) for on-set video monitoring.
      • LUT On/Off is applied to both HD-SDI output and SxS recording at the same time.
      • LUT name information will be recorded to SxS as NRT metadata of the Clips and it can be seen by the XDCAM browser.
      • User-defined LUTs can be created by CVP file editor for free.
      • Wi-Fi function for Planning metadata (same as V1.30 for PMW-350).


I was not expecting to see Planning metadata on the F3, that’s certainly a nice surprise. No mention of how to get 1920/50p or 60P out of the camera. I had thought the F3 was supposed to support that. Nice to see 4 preset LUT’s along with 5 user LUT’s for S-Log along with the software to roll your own LUT.

XDCAM EX Firmware for new cards.. Available now!

Sony have just released the firmware required to use the new 32Gb SxS-1 cards, the Memory Stick  and SD Card adapters. This firmware also adds the ability to have much longer clip titles (46 Characters!) on the PMW-350 and EX1R. You can do the update yourself, you don’t have to send the camera back to Sony (hooray) to do the update. CLICK HERE to go to the firmware on the Sony UK site. Initial reports indicate that the update improves the performance of 3rd party SD card adapters and is straight forward to install. There are also indications that original EX3?s boot up a bit faster. At the moment the EX1 update appears to be missing from the download page, but I have been assured this will be rectified in the next 24 hours.