Below is a partial list of just some of the equipment I can offer. I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and years of off road driving experience, so can get me and my kit to most places:


Beam Spiltter 3D rig with adaptations for infrared day for night, 3D stereoscopic or same axis – two camera filming.

Infrared and full spectrum cameras (Super 35 and Full Frame).

3D Monitors

Image Intensifiers: Gen 2 and Gen 3 image intensifiers with relay lenses. Can take Sony/Canon/Nikon/PL lenses.

High intensity infrared lighting

Vehicle rigging equipment including suction cups, bars, stays, ball joints, safety straps etc.

Working at height and rope access equipment including harnesses, climbing and abseiling equipment and ropes.


Wide range of Super 35 and Full Frame cameras (Sony F55, FX9, FX6, FX3, FX30, Sony Burano)


Multiple COB and panel fixtures with a wide range of modifiers including projector and fresnel lenses, soft boxes, octadomes, silks and flags. Battery or mains powered.


Wide range of radio mics, shotgun mics, lavalier mics.


Wide range of prime and zoom lenses from Sony, Fujinon, Sirui, Tokina, Rokinon.

Tilta Follow Focus system with dual motors.

DJI LIDAR system.


Wide selection of diffusion, ND and graduated filters form Formatt Hitec and Schnieder.


DJI SC, RS and RS2 Pro gimbals with remote head adapters, wired and wireless remote control including Raveneye.


2m portable jib (suitable for full size cameras)

6m jib for smaller cameras (Rialto, FX9, FX6, Burano, smaller Red cameras).


Folding cart with M1 MacBook Pro, Thunderbolt expansion system with Decklink IO, Thunderbolt Raid storage, 19″ HDR monitor, Ethernet and wireless router/access point. Accsoon and Hollyland wireless video transmission. Cup holder 🙂


Motorola DMR digital radios with encryption

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