Specialities and Skills

Alister Chapman Freelance Cinematographer, DIT and technical consultant.


Camera Operator – drama, short films, documentaries, commercials etc.

Natural Extremes – Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Lighting, Volcanoes, Storms, bad weather.

Low Light – Aurora, night shooting, star and astro photography.

Aviation – Airshows, aircraft, air to air, mini-cams, stunts, long lens camera operator.

Motorsports – Car racing and rallying, in-car cameras, long lens filming.

Work at height – Filming from cranes and hoists, high camera positions, aerial platforms, scaffold towers and rope access (IRATA level 1) rock climbing and using climbing ropes (own ropes and climbing equipment).

3D/Stereoscopic filming. Infra-red cameras, IR day for night, beamsplitter rigs.

Specialist camera development for unique filming requirements.

Filming in the arctic.

Circus – I love circus and filming circus acts.


30 years of camera operating experience at all levels including features.

30 years of editing and post production experience.

Maximising image quality from smaller cameras.

Filming to delivery, workflow optimisation (DIT).

Lighting for film and TV.

Color Grading.

Camera testing and evaluation.

Design of unique camera systems.

Trainer and instructor with almost 20 years of teaching experience.

Use of Jibs, Cranes and Remote Heads.

IRATA Rope Access Technician (rope climbing and abseiling).

Working At Height trained.

Rigging lights and cameras in difficult to reach places.

Scuba Diver (Dive Leader/Dive Master).

Low Light filming.

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