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Alister is a highly regarded educator. He has run workshops around the world for schools, universities, production companies and individuals. He runs workshops on all aspects of video production including 3D, 4K, HDR, log and raw. In addition throughout the year Alister runs a number of exciting expeditions that combine a real adventure with the chance to learn new video skills or improve your existing abilities.  Even if you feel your skills are up to date these expeditions also provide the opportunity to film in exciting or unusual locations. They are almost always a great deal of fun and the cost of the trips is often less than comparable tourist excursions.

The value and fun that these trips represent can be seen from the fact that many people come back year after year.

In January/February/March there are trips to Norway and Iceland to film the Northern Lights and arctic scenery. April/May/June is Tornado season and Alister runs trips to the USA to chase the spectacular “Supercell” storms that produce incredible lightning displays, giant hail and tornadoes. Throughout the year Alister likes to keep an eye on what’s going on and other trips are often arranged at the last minute when opportunities present themselves. August and September is monsoon season in Arizona, USA. If you like lightning then this is the place to go as the dry desert air gives incredible visibility, not normally seen.

For more information please also see the training pages on Alister’s other website

Workshops and Training


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