Test Mode for many Retevis, TYT and similar DMR radios.

It’s possible to get into the test mode of many of the TYT MD2017, MD380, RT3, RT3S, MD-UV380 and similar radios. I don’t recommend messing around with your radios calibration settings unless it is absolutely necessary. However I have had several Retevis RT3S radios arrive that are off frequency enough that you cannot’ use them back to back with other DMR radios, hotspots or repeaters.

You can get into the service menu of the radios from the CPS (the supplied programming software).

The radio should be connected to the computer via the normal USB programming cable and turn on, you do not need to put the radio into any sort of special mode.

Then open the CPS and click “CTRL” + “T” at the same time. After a couple of seconds a window with the radios calibration and adjustment settings should open. Then you can adjust the frequency of the radio. I’ve had to do this with a couple of UV380’s/RT3S. We really, really, shouldn’t have to do this, but at least there is a way to resolve off frequency radios.

If test mode doesn’t start when you press CTRL + T then you might need to enable ‘Test Mode’ in the CPS by editing the ‘settings.ini’ file, located in the directory the CPS was installed in on your computer. Use a text editor to modify the line

and change it to:

then restart the CPS. When connected to the radio via USB as above, press Control-T.

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