Rope Access and Climbing

Rope access is the use of ropes to get to a place or position where work needs to be done. As a qualified IRATA rope access technician I am trained to use ropes for professional applications. The difference between hobby climbing or Trad climbing is that Rope Access focusses on safety and requires the use of a dual rope system with redundancy at every level.

This allows me to get cameras into interesting or challenging places not normally possible. You get all the skill and experience of a professional camera operator or photographer but with the skill set needed to remain safe while working from ropes or on structures where aid climbing or other forms of climbing are necessary.

I have my own rope access equipment including the necessary harnesses, ascending and descending devices and ropes. As I am used to working from ropes I can advise on what cameras or equipment may be practical and what will deliver the best filming or photographic results.

Rope Access may be useful for many things, it can be used to gain access to wildlife not accessible from the ground. It might be a way to get shots of a building or structure for a corporate film project. You may be making a training film for a process that uses rope access such as wind turbine repairs etc. You might need a skilled photographer or cameraman to document repairs or record issues with a structure.

In addition to physically getting a camera operator, photographer or crew into position I have remotely controlled rope and cable camera systems that can transmit broadcast quality high resolution images live, either for film and TV applications or for inspection and assessment purposes. These cameras can be suspended from ropes or travel along ropes. The cable cameras are great for filming shows and events where a high angle tracking camera is needed. I can also provide drones with high quality cameras for remote filming and inspection.

Whatever your rope access or filming from height needs do get in touch using the contact form.

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