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Please use the contact to get in touch, but do note that I get a vast number of emails asking for free help. I am very sorry but I don’t have the time to reply to each individual request for free help, if you need help please take a look at


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    1. Fantastic job on the FS100 and F3 review. Thank you for providing that wonderful resource. It would be helpful to know exactly which lenses you used on the F3. Please share. Thanks!

    2. Hello,
      Thanks for the fantastic website. I noticed on earlier posts that you mentioned you might write an article on shooting and editing for SD. I have delivered some content (shooting with an EX3) to the local t.v. station, which broadcasts in 4 by 3 SD. I have been less than pleased with the end result. As a consequence, I used compressor to convert my footage. Once again, the results were dubious.
      Any tips would be appreciated, from editing, to shooting formats, frame rates, picture profiles, etc.

      Thank you

    3. Greetings Alister —

      I just purchased the new PXW-X400, and I am trying to find a place with the best picture profiles and scenes for the new cam? I am absolutely willing to pay for them, just can’t find them. I am reaching out to you as a last resort effort.

      Please and thank you!

    4. Hi Alister,

      I have some technical questions about my FX30 that Sony consumer can’t answer. The Pro Division won’t help me, even though I name dropped The Dark Knight and Logan (I was a sound designer on those). I can’t find any info on my questions and was wondering if I might have 15 minute paid consultation with you. Let me know.


      Best regards,


    5. Hello. I downloaded your Blockbuster LUT’s.

      They are really cool! One of the best I have tried for my ZV-E10, for S-Log3’s for Movie looks.


    6. Good Day,
      I have also this type of radio, and found its varactor diode is faulty, its in sot89 package and 57-33 marked. Can you please let me how can I found its datasheet and replacement.
      If you have any informations, for share please share with me, I shall be very thankful to you. Please don’t mind my English.

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