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Below are some “how to” video guides that I have prepared. If there are any subjects that you would like covered post a comment.




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    1. That’s very unusual. It s almost impossible for the end user to recover data from a corrupt SxS card, but normally Sony are very helpful at trying to recover lost data. You should contact your Sony dealer.

  1. Hi Alister,
    We are considering using a low-cost (6 camera) set up for ‘live’ web broadcasts and are considering the Sony HVR-S270E with Zeiss Compact Prime lenses (?) and NanoFlash units; given the 270E can record at 1920×1080 at 25p, what would your thoughts/advice be for this particular configuration, and have you done any past reviews of the HVR-S270E camcorder?
    Thank you for your fantastic and informative site(s).

    1. Compact primes won’t fit on a s270. The s270 only has 1/3″ sensors, compact primes are designed for s35mm sensors. Prime lenses are not really well suited to live events as there is no zoom capability or auto iris. If it was my money, I’d be looking at EX3’s.

  2. Do you have any recommendations for filming with the pmw ex1r using a picture profile for polar bears in snow or other white animals? Thank you. filming northern lights video was very helpful!

    1. Snow is tricky, but very often it is low contrast because you get bright sky, bright snow. So in that scenario standard gamma 3 with a fixed knee at say 85 should give a nice high contrast image. Otherwise I would use Cinegamma 1 with the Cinema Matrix and grade in post.

  3. Wondered if you might do something on the “curves” in the Sony XD cam and how they can be adjusted in different settings. Great job on the northern lights.

    1. Which cameras PDW700/800 or PDW350?

      I did write something in the past, I’ll have to see if I can dig it out.

  4. great integrity info. Can the ex3 and ex1 be used in time lock or with
    live switcher. I want to get to a 3 camera live streaming switcher board
    and shoot and record. Any info where to study this i would love it. thank you
    for all your integrity mickey

    1. You can sync an EX3 to an EX1 as the EX3 has genlock. For 3 cameras you would need 2x EX3’s and 1x EX1 and would sync both EX3’s to the EX1. Otherwise 3x EX3’s. Of course you may also be able to use a vision mixer that has a built in frame synchroniser (like the Anycast) in which case it may not matter whether the cameras are sync’d to each other.

  5. Could you please recommend a picture profile for filming ice hockey game with PMW 350 ? If one team is wearing black the player’s picture comes quite dark and jersey details are not visible enough. With shutter speed 1/250 what would be a good choice for Black and Gamma Black and other settings ? Thank you.

  6. Hello to Alister Chapman.
    I am a avid editor and i bought a ex1 can you please send me cinematic profiles for outdoor filming in Greece for winter and summer?

    thanks a lot
    vasilis dimou

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