Tech Notes.

Please use the links below to go directly to some of the technical notes written for this web site.

S-Log. In in depth look at how it works.

Why you should never render 8 bit video to 8 bit video. (ie why 10 bit is good for post)

Whites and Superwhites. Know what your NLE does to your highlights.

Understanding Focal Length and Lens Conversion factors.

Getting Good SD from an HD Camera Part 2

Measuring Resolution, MTF, Nyquist and Aliasing.

What’s the difference between shutter speed and shutter angle

ISO and Camera Gain, what’s the difference?

White Balance and the Matrix, what’s the difference?

Understanding Cinegamma, Hypergamma and S-Log.

Bayer Sensors and Bayer resolution.

Why do my pictures go soft when I pan – Detail Correction.

Shooting Snow and other bright scenes.

Why Sensor Size is Important – Sensitivity and Dynamic Range.

Why Sensor Size is Important – Diffraction.

HD – SD and depth of field.

Getting good SD from HD video 1

The 8 bit – 10 bit debate.


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  1. i have wise s2 32 gb express card for sony pmw-ex3 camira & i have some problem with my mac osx 10 to read this memory card , when i connect the camera with mac
    it can readed the card but when i take memory card out the camera & connecting to mac within ausb wire the mac cant read the memory card , please if any one can help
    me to solve that problem . thanks for all u my friends

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