PMW-F3 Firmware V1.4 to include S-Log in Picture Profiles.

Just a quick note from NAB that firmware version 1.4 for the PMW-F3 will include S-Log as a selectable gamma curve within the picture profiles. This will be a free update, due out some time before the end of June (it’s in beta now, the F3’s at NAB have it installed). S-Log will function in all F3’s whether you have the CBK-RGB option or not. However if you don’t have the RGB option you will not get any Look Up Tables, no EI-Slog and no 4:4:4 output, only 4:2:2.
This is a fantastic addition and by having S-Log as a gamma curve within the picture profiles you will be able to tailor many of the setting such as white balance, matrix and detail to suit the shooting condition.

6 thoughts on “PMW-F3 Firmware V1.4 to include S-Log in Picture Profiles.”

  1. So…you’re saying I can record a neutral image to my SxS in 8bit? Just giving me a better image to grade in post?

  2. Any word about the rumours that a new update may be made available for 2k capabilities and for higher than 60fps rates on the PMW-F3?

    1. I have not heard about 2K, but I believe the V1.4 firmware update will allow the camera to output 1920×1080 when you use S&Q all the way up to 60P. It will still be limited to internal recordings at 720p above 30fps, but you will be able to output full resolution to an external recorder.

  3. Scott – Sounds more like its 4:4:4 in 10bit dual link out to a recorder. But, now that S-Log is listed in the menu as a gamma, we should get back a lot of functionality such as the ability to white balance and perhaps even jack the gamma curve profile around a bit. And still have LUTs for the monitor and on-card recording. If I understand correctly.


  4. You will NOT get LUT’s or 444 or RGB unless you have a new F3 with S-Log pre-installed or you have the paid CBK-RGB option.

    You WILL be able to output 10 bit 422.

    I believe you will also get the ability to output 1920×1080 when using S&Q motion all the way up to 60P, this would allow you to shoot at 48P which is highly desirable for some movie productions. Internal recordings would still be 720p above 30fps.

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