Sold my C300!

I tried to like it and “get used” to the ergonomics, but the audio controls, lack of switches for gain and white balance plus the stepping iris controls was driving me nuts. I had hoped the C300 would be that one piece solution I was looking for, but when you consider that you have to add an external box (the viewfinder module) to get Audio controls and XLR in, for me at least it kind of defeats the object. I’m sticking to my F3 with an external recorder, which does not restrict me to 8 bit 50Mb/s. I just love 10 bit S-Log on to the Gemini or Samurai.

The C300 is a great camera, the pictures are very good, but it’s just too much like a DSLR for me, so it had to go.

7 thoughts on “Sold my C300!”

  1. Interesting. After having lived with the C300 myself for a week I can nothing but agree. What on earth were Canon thinking of when the constructed that viewfinder/monitor add on? Makes me think of the old PD-100 with it´s wobbly XLR adaptor, but that happened in the early days of DV. And why can’t it show the waveform on the small EVF? It´s a shame because the images are fantastic and so is the build quality. Thanks/Dennis

    1. Im buying the FS700 primarily for it’s slow motion capabilities. The ability to shoot at 240fps is fantastic and I’ll just have to deal with any small issues with aliasing. While I expect much of this will be improved by the time the camera goes into production, I doubt it will be entirely eliminated at HD as the camera will be optimised for 4k. Once the 4k output is enabled then the issue will go away when you shoot 4k and/or shoot 4k and downscale in post where you will be able to pre-process the 4k image to eliminate artefacts during the downscale to HD (assuming that’s how you want to use it)

    1. Yes I did and it only gave a moderate improvement in gradability etc as the camera output is only 8 bit.

  2. Hi Alister,
    Understand your points on c300, have had mine for 3 months and love the pictures out of it. Stepping of iris is an issue but overcoming that with aperature control on lenses.
    Having a play with your c300 settings, really appreciate you putting them out there for a look, in your AC-cine1 settings you have Gamma Cine 2 gain +15, as you already have Gamma at cine 1 where is this second gamma setting so as to put cine 2 and +15, is this the color matrix you are writing about.
    Appreciate your busy, would like to give this a go.
    Many thanks, Steve

    1. Sorry that’s a typo.

      Where I have : “Gamma Cine 2 gain +15”, it should simply be “Gamma gain +15”

      Sorry for the confusion.

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