Alphatron EVF….. It’s Alive!

Got to play with a working Alphatron EVF last night. There are still a few bugs in the firmware to be ironed out, but boy oh boy, what an improvement over the Cineroid or Zacutto. If you think the viewfinder on an EX3 is good, wait till you look into one of these. The resolution is right up there, crisp clear images that can be focussed without the need for a ton of peaking. Longer review will follow.

4 thoughts on “Alphatron EVF….. It’s Alive!”

  1. Hello,

    You made me curious, as I always thought the Zacuto EVF was the best money can buy and they had plenty of resolution. How is this better. I ‘ve also read that TVlogic launched their own EVF system.


    1. The resolution of both the Cineroid and Zacuto EVF’s is only 800 x 480 and you can clearly see the individual pixels when you look into them. The Alphatron/TVLogic EVF is much higher resolution and the pixels are virtually invisible. The Alphatron uses the iPhone Retina LCD. In addition the simple 2:1 scaling means there will be fewer artefacts.

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