PMW-F3 Firmware Version 1.3 Available Now.

The latest version of the firmware for the PMW F3 is now available to download from the Sony Canada web site:

The key feature of this update is the ability to now output clean 4:2:2 S-Log from the “A” HDSDi port while outputting S-Log + LUT etc from the Sdi out. Of course you still need the S-Log option to be able to do this. There are also some extra 3D-Link features and support for the new Sony wide angle PL mount lens.

7 thoughts on “PMW-F3 Firmware Version 1.3 Available Now.”

  1. Alister,
    Did you notice the “Synchro Rec” function before Firmware 1.31.
    I can’t be sure if it was there in Version 1.2
    Sony docs say Synchro Rec enables frame accurate sync (presumably between onboard recording and) recordings via the HD-SDI dual link Port A.
    I tried this and it sent the Samurai into a spin. It generated over a hundred (what seemed like little video files) in just a few seconds. I was just wondering if this is a new issue or is this something that you’ve seen before?

    good luck in Norway!

    1. Synchro record certainly works with the Sound Devices PiX240. I expect it may be that the Samurai may need a firmware fix for this to work correctly. It was also in version 1.2.

  2. Hi Alister,
    We have a wonderful F3 with S-Log in Spain, i have been checking in Sony Europe website and I only have found version 1.2. I dont´n know if I have to intall this version from Canadian site or I must wait.

    Thank you.

    1. The firmware on the Canadian web site is the same as will be released in Europe. There is only one version worldwide for the F3, so it’s OK to install wherever you are.

  3. Looking for help with my F3 ver. 1.3 update. The camera shows that I have updated to the new version but for some reason it does not allow me to use the SDI and the HDMI outputs at the same time. I have a new camera I just pulled out of the box with the same firmware and it works fine running both outputs simultaneously. Anyone have any tips for trouble shooting this problem? Thanks

    1. Do you have the A/B SDI outputs enabled as well perhaps? Can only feed two streams out of the camera, so if the A/B outputs are on you can’t have HDMI as well.

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