PMW-300 and PMW-400 XAVC Firmware Updates Released.

Sony have released firmware updates for the PMW-300 and PMW-400 that include the 10 bit 4:2:2 I frame XAVC codec at 100MB/s. Now you can have great quality 10 bit recordings on these cameras for no extra charge.  To comply with the XAVC standard the cameras also gain the ability to format the recording media using ExFat.

Click here for the PMW-300 firmware.

Click here for the PMW-400 firmware.

4 thoughts on “PMW-300 and PMW-400 XAVC Firmware Updates Released.”

  1. Hi Alister,

    Just wondering if you intend doing a review on the new XAVC camera update for the PMW 300 or 400. It would be interesting to get your take on what the addition of this Codec will have on these xdcams.


    1. If I get time I will. XAVC should bring a small improvement in image quality, but don’t expect miracles. It will only be small.

  2. Hi Alister ,

    I Just updated to the XAVC intra 100mb Codec on my PMW 300 and noticed their is no in camera slomo ,DO you know if the next upgrade will support slomo .At present to use slomo i have to reformat camera and card back to the XDCAM codec,which is a real hassle if you are in a hurry.I have talked to Sony Australia but no reply as yet.

    regards Rusty

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