PMW-F55 sample DPX frames.

Here are a couple of single DPX frames for you to play with. Created by converting the Sony linear raw frames to linear DPX using the Sony raw viewer application. I have provided a 10 bit and 16 bit DPX frame. If you can try the 16 bit frame, it has incredible flexibility. The 10 bit DPX can be opened in most recent versions Photoshop. Here’s the link. The link will expire on the 31st of January. SEE ALSO THESE CLIPS which are Log DPX. You will find it easier to work with the log DPX files in most grading packages without the appropriate importer/plugin for the Sony Linear Raw files.

5 thoughts on “PMW-F55 sample DPX frames.”

  1. Alister,

    Are these debayered into linear light?

    The problem is that there’s no software tools designed to get a good look at linear deep depth frames like this. I can bring it into Photoshop and change exposure in 32bit mode, but it’s just a simple offset, I manipulate it in any way we’re used to in color correction.

    Is it possible to get these frames or similar into a log DPX? Most color correction tools are set to deal with that, because they’re used to log film scans, whether they’re 10 or 16bit DPX. Then you apply your LUT and off you go.

    Thanks for posting these, I can see the promise (already looks better than Red), but it’s hard to tell exactly how much better without the proper software tools.

    1. This website and content are all provided for free. The raw MXF files are massive and hosting such files costs money. I’ve tried in the past to get donations for big file uploads, but very, very few people want to pay for access to the media. As a result, I’ll use free services where I can but these are often time or speed limited.

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