PMW-F55 linear Raw converted to Log DPX samples for download.

Hi Guys. It has been pointed out to me (Thanks Nate) that most people don’t have the software tools to work with linear raw data correctly. The previous F55 sample frames that I provided were linear DPX. So, here’s another couple of DPX files, this time converted from the linear raw of the F55 to log DPX. These should be much easier to work with, especially the 16 bit DPX files (use the free version of Resolve for great results). Here’s the link to the log DPX files. The link will expire on January 31st.

One thought on “PMW-F55 linear Raw converted to Log DPX samples for download.”

  1. Yowza. There’s an awful lot in these frames. Seems at least as flexible as Red, but with noise levels low enough to allow for noticeably more latitude and manipulation. I don’t want to get into hyperbole, but seems like an awful cool combination of the best parts of Red and Alexa.

    Also, the night shot, the blues under the bridge are rendering in a way that the F3 could not hope for…deep, saturated blue that would render with a slight purple tinge and clip both red and blue very quickly, at least on the F3.

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