Set of Canon C300 Custom Profiles for Download.

I’ve been playing and have come up with my first set of custom profiles for the Canon C300. You’ll find all the details here:¬† including a downloadable package that you can copy to an SD card and the load the files directly to your own C300.

You must be registered with the forum/blog to view the page, but registration is free and open to all. Any problems let me know.

The Profiles include:

AC-Neutral: a natural looking, true to life image.
AC-Vivid: A bright colourful and vivid image.
AC-3200a: Use this profile when shooting at ISO 3200 to maximise sensitivity and control noise.
AC-6400a: Use this profile when shooting at ISO 6400 to maximise sensitivity and control noise.
AC-Cine1: A neutral filmic looking image that can be used straight form the camera or graded.

7 thoughts on “Set of Canon C300 Custom Profiles for Download.”

  1. Hi — Trying to download these, but when I go to login or register, I get a “temporarily unavailable” message. Any other way to access these?


  2. Hello, I am searching for a series of CP’s for extreme low light high contrast night scenes ( vehicle dynamics). In particular, I am interested in bringing up the range of blacks while minimizing noise from iso etc. Any advice where to start? Thanx in advance for any suggestions. Bruce

    1. You can’t bring up the blacks without bringing up the noise. Raising the black level via a gamma adjustment is raising the gain near to black, so as with any type of gain adjustment up comes the noise. Gamma curves are gain curves, so if you change them the noise changes just as it would if adding or taking away gain with the gain switch or ISO setting. For any given scene brightness level to achieve any given camera output level the overall gain must be the same, whether that gain is applied via gamma or the gain/ISO switch. So as a result the noise will also be the same. Better to add a bit of light, that’s the only way your really going to make any difference to your signal to noise ratio

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