Convergent Design Gemini to get DNxHD add-on.

Those clever guys at Convergent Design have announced that they will be adding to record using the Avid DNxHD codec on the Gemini. The Gemini really is a fantastic device allowing you to record the full uncompressed 4:4:4 RGB output from the F3 and other similar cameras. However there are times when the amount of data that generates can be overwhelming. Once the update comes out later in the year you’ll be able to choose between pristine uncompressed or very high quality compressed. If your an Avid user then this really is fantastic news. If your not an Avid user, it’s still good news as you can download the DNxHD codec for free. DNxHD is one of the few high quality codecs that is cross platform, so it doesn’t matter if your Mac or PC based.

You’ll be able to record DNxHD 220, 145 and 36Mbps.


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