Hemavan Workshop, TD300 wobble, NEX3D1E delight.

Just got back from helping Geoff Boyle run a 3D workshop in Hemavan, Sweden. It was a great week and I think everyone, me include learnt a great deal. We shot quite a few scenes of snow scooters, skiers and snowboarders in all kinds of weather from blizzard to beautiful sunshine. We also shot a local band at a ski party.

The TD300 performed very well, especially when conditions were extreme. We had one morning up on the mountain where it was -18c with a howling blizzard. The main TD300 issue was with the concentric control rings for the lens and rotary iris dial. All impossible to use with gloves and constantly getting bumped and knocked. The TD300 however was a bit of a disaster when we came to shoot the music gig as the sound pressure from the bass was making the vertical alignment vibrate up and down. Not pleasant to watch! The Hurricane Rig performed very well at the gig without any vibration issues. However when up on the mountain, keeping snow out of the mirror box in the blizzard was a bit of a pain. We also got completely buried by a blast of snow from a close pass by one of the snow scooters. The shot looks great as a wall of snow flies towards you.

I think everyones favourite camera though was the little NEX 3D1E. You could get this camera into all kinds of places. You could ski with it, do on stage handheld with it and the pictures are pretty good for such a small camera. Being so small it’s a hard to operate the tiny controls and we ended up resorting to using the auto set function to set up conversion and focus most of the time, but it generally did a good job.

Pictures and clips will follow when I have some more time. I have more workshops coming up soon for 3D, S-Log and grading. Watch this space.

One thought on “Hemavan Workshop, TD300 wobble, NEX3D1E delight.”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with Sony TD 300 and NX3D1E. Could you please elaborate on TD 300? Having much smaller lenses how does it compares to EX3 rig (or XF305 rig)?
    Thank you very much, I am looking with great expectations for some footage.

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