Night of Wonder. Short video about my Norway trip.

Here’s a new video about my recent adventures in Norway. The video is all F3 S-Log. The time-lapse sequences were done with a Canon 550D and a Teletrack motorised pan and tilt head.

2 thoughts on “Night of Wonder. Short video about my Norway trip.”

  1. This is spectacular Alister! Loved the whole thing. In particular, around 6:28, the tilt/pan upwards, etc is very cool — feels like you’re slowly looking up at heaven. And, of course, the closing scene with the lit house.

    A few questions:

    1) How did you handhold the F3 while on the snowmobile?

    2) Did you use external recorder? If so, which one and which codec?

    3) Who is that fishing without any gloves on in sub-zero temperatures?!

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