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Softening Faces and Skin Tone.

XDCAM cameras have Sony’s Skin Tone Detail Correction system included in the picture profiles. By turning this on you can point the camera at a face (or any other coloured object) and select the hue you want to treat. By using the phase and saturation controls you can adjust the exact hue and hue range that will be treated. Then you can turn the detail level up and down for the selected range.

It works but is a little fiddly to set. I don’t normally use it, instead preferring to shoot with slightly reduce detail level settings overall and then adding a diffusion filter in post production using Magic Bullet or similar. Another option would be to use a diffusion filter or similar on the camera, I like the Tiffen Gold Diffusion/FX for faces. If your budget won’t stretch to that then don’t forget that you can always stretch a very fine mess net over the lens such as a stocking for a pleasing diffusion effect. Again tricky to get just right, if the mesh is too big you’ll see it, too small and you completely blur the image.