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British Airways Ad. Stunning, stunning, stunning.

Every now and again a great commercial comes along. Sometimes the budgets available to commercial producers allow them to pull out all the stops and produce something quite special. The new BA ad is one of them. Called  “Aviators” the full length ad takes us from the beginnings of air mail through to modern day British Airways taking in half a dozen different periods in just 90 seconds. Clearly they had a decent budget, there’s a large mix of live action with actors in period costume and period aircraft (filmed at Old Warden and Duxford amongst others). It looks gorgeous. Shot on film with possibly a little bit of DSLR footage. The only thing that spoils it is a bit of Jello Cam on the on-aircraft footage  (maybe this was a DSLR?).
Well done to Frederick Planchon, Academy Films, the BBH creative team, MPC and all involved.

There is also a behind the scenes video: http://youtu.be/chjN5SerNeQ

Oh and one last thing, they almost messed up, leaving an aircraft with a Virgin registration in the Ad. See: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/09/25/ba-used-virgin-plane-in-20m-advertising-campaign-115875-23443836/