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Frame Grabs from MTF B4 2/3″ to Canon C300, 7D, 550D, Sony F3, FS100 etc adapter.

Canon J16 SD 2/3" lens on a Canon C300, Wide.

I’ve been asked a couple of times for some frame grabs shot with one of the MTF B4 to super 35MM adapters that I designed. Well, here they are. Shot on a Canon C300 fitted with the adapter and an old standard definition Canon J16 zoom lens. It was late in the day when I shot this so it’s not showing the adapter in its best light and of course an HD lens would be even better.


Canon J16 2/3" SD zoom on a Canon C300, Tele.

Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image or the full resolution image. I love the fact that even when using a super35mm sensor you can still have this great par-focal zoom range. Put a 20x ENG zoom and you can get both wider and closer!