New AXS cards for Sony raw.

New SxS sized AXS cards from Sony.
New SxS sized AXS cards from Sony.

Well I’ve been away on a shoot the last couple of weeks shooting the Northern Lights in real time 4K. A full write up will follow.

While I was away Sony Japan made an announcement about some new AXS cards for recording raw in the R5 recorder. The new cards are the same size as an SxS card and come in two sizes, 512GB and 1TB. To use the cards in the R5 you use an adapter that converts from the original card size to the SxS card size.

What this will allow in the future is the use of a single card reader for both conventional SxS and the new smaller AXS cards. Who knows what else might be possible in the future? Maybe recording raw internally in the F5/F55, higher speed recording or higher data rate for XAVC. The 1TB card is projected to cost around $4K and the 512GB card around $2K. They will be available some time around the beginning of March.

new axs2

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