IBC just around the corner.

So, IBC is just a few weeks away. I’m busy reviewing new products that I can’t talk about yet and I’ll be taking much more in depth looks at the new Sony PMW-300 and PMW-400. This week I’m doing some 4K and 2K test shots with my FS700 an IFR5 and R5 (it looks very, very good). Sony will once again have the ICE Bar where you can come and ask questions about Sony’s products along with 3rd party accessories, workflows or settings. I’ll be attending the ICE bar for much of the show. So watch this space. I’ll be able to talk a little about a couple of the new products a little before IBC.

One thought on “IBC just around the corner.”

  1. Hi Alister,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you twice last year, at IBC when we chatted about the then newly released PMW-200 at the ICE Bar and again in Dublin at the Sony PMW-200 Masterclass.

    Well, I held out and have placed my order for the PMW-300 K1 as soon as I heard about it. It is the first time I have ordered a camera pre release, without having seen it in action or had a hands-on, but as it comes from the EX3 stable and having seen what its little brother the PMW-200 produces I reckon it will prove to be a good decision.

    I’ll be following your posts on the 300 with interest as well as all the other news from IBC as unfortunately due to filming commitments I won’t be able to make it to Amsterdam this year. Thanks for all your insights and the time you devote to making sure we are all up to speed – It is very much appreciated.

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