Viewfinder connector protector and microphone mount for PMW-F5 and PMW-F55.

PMW-F5 & F55 Viewfinder connector protector.
PMW-F5 & F55 Viewfinder connector protector.

I haven’t posted much recently as I have been on a lovely family vacation. However my mind never stops ticking over and I decided to have a go at making a plastic protector for the vulnerable microphone connector on the PMW-F5 and F55. This is the end result. Not only does it protect the connector but it also acts as a microphone mount, simply attach a low cost off-the-shelf mic mount using either of the two holes on the end of the bracket.

The bracket was made using a 3D printer and I shall be producing a slightly more refined version for sale in the next week. The production versions will be 3D printed in black ABS plastic and then chemically toughened. The ABS is very strong anyway and one of the great things about 3D printed parts is that they can be made hollow, so they are extremely light.The target price is $45. USD. I have a version for a bare bones F5 as well as an F5 with the Element Technica top plate. Send me a message if your interested in one using the contact form.

13 thoughts on “Viewfinder connector protector and microphone mount for PMW-F5 and PMW-F55.”

  1. Hi Alister. Will you do international orders via Paypal? I’ll put in an order if you do.

    Thank you.


    1. I will be putting them on ebay for international delivery. The first batch will be ready by the end of the week. We will have the compact EF controller at IBC.

  2. I’D like one please. I’m away on hols now but would like one by the 5th to go abroad on a shoot if possible.

  3. I am desperately trying to protect my HDMI and Viewfinder connectors on the F55. If you sell these please contact me at my email


    Nice going!!

    PS, how do you get the exact dimensions and shape of the F55, do you scan it with a laser or something?

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