Plugins for HDCAM SR SStP – editing F5 and F55 SStP footage.

So now the PMW-F5 and F55 have the HDCAM SR codec, also called SStP how do you work with it?

There is a plug-in for FCP-X

And plugins for Avid (PC and Mac)

Plus the SR viewer for Mac and PC:

The latest versions of DaVinci Resolve support SStP, so you can transcode and grade with Resolve Lite.

No support in Premiere at the moment. If you want to get the 444 SStP mode in the F5 or F55 in the camera base settings you have to set “Main Operation” to “RGB”.

One thought on “Plugins for HDCAM SR SStP – editing F5 and F55 SStP footage.”

  1. My question is this why is it when I switch from SStP SR 444 to SStP 422 mode I continue to have 45 minutes of record time for both on a 128GB SxSPro+ card? Has there ever been any tests done to show the difference between SStP 422 SQ or Lite mode compared to XAVC on the F5 or F55? Other than the ability to record HFR in XAVC, what are the advantages of working in either codec?

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