Want to learn more about the Sony F5 and F55?

I’m running an in depth and extensive workshop on Sony’s PMW-F5 and F55 cameras in LA on the 4th of June at AbelCine. This workshop is for DP’s and DiT’s and will look at how to setup and configure the cameras in their various modes. Lens choices and lens options, rigs and accessories as well as exposure levels with standard/Hypergammas, Log and RAW.

More Details below. You can book a place HERE.

The Sony PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 both offer a Super 35mm, CMOS image sensor, wide dynamic range, high sensitivity, and an extensive variety of internal recording options. DoP and DIT, Alister Chapman, has put together a course on how to use these powerful tools in a variety of ways, including Raw recording, Log Recording, and Video with Scene Files.

This workshop covers the many functions of the F5 and F55, including detailed instruction on camera operation, lens choice, production techniques, and aftermarket accessories. We will discuss the similarities and differences of the these two cameras as well as the AXS-R5 Raw Recorder, viewfinders, lenses and 4K monitors. Emphasis is on developing an understanding of the camera sensor, internal recording options, lens choice, and menu systems.


Part 1: Camera Functionality

  • Camera and system overview
  • Lens considerations and options
  • The practicalities of working with 4K:Choosing between 4K XAVC and 4K raw.
  • Managing your data.
  • Proxies and off-line workflow

Part 2: Practical Appilcation

  • Camera Setup
  • Advanced camera setup including:Scene Files, Gamma Curves, S-Log, Raw
  • Latitude and Dynamic Range
  • Exposure with Log and raw
  • Film Style Exposure
  • Look Up Tables and on set monitoring
  • Saving and restoring scene files and other camera settings
  • Exposure setting and measurement. (light meter / waveform /  monitor only)
  • Making use of the high dynamic range
  • Lighting considerations
  • Shooting for grading
  • Shooting using higher speeds and S&Q motion
  • Workflow
  • Offline – Online editing
  • Grading footage, how far can you push it?
  • Q & A / Hands-on time

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    1. Possibly. I have been talking to Sony India about running some workshops in Mumbai and maybe Chennai.

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