Large Sensor Film Makers Workshop. London, May 9th.

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I’m running a one day intensive workshop for anyone looking at or working with large sensor cameras. If you are new to large sensor cameras or just want to know more about how to use them then this intensive one day workshop is for you. With a mixture of theory, practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions, I will guide you through every aspect of film making from lighting techniques to depth of field, gamma curves to RAW recording.

Throughout the day you will explore the benefits as well as some of the drawbacks of shooting with cameras that use APS-C and super35mm sized sensors, both from a practical point of view as well as a technical one. You will learn about how to manage your depth of field (DoF), whether you need a shallow DoF for a filmic look or a deeper DoF for easier shooting. There will be a session on lenses and lens adapters looking at the pro’s and con’s of using either DSLR lenses or PL mount lenses.

Then we will look at lighting, exploring the different types of lights available to the modern film maker and how to use them. We will spend time learning about contrast ratios and how to light and expose for a filmic look. In addition we will explain about the different types of gamma curves, log curves and raw recording methods used by these cameras. By combining the right lighting with the right gamma curve we will see how to maximise the performance available from these large sensor cameras. The day will end with a hands on practical session where we will put everything learnt into practice, setting up, lighting and shooting a test scene and then grading the footage shot.

If you have your own camera then bring it along to use. If not, then, it doesn’t really matter as there will be cameras for you to try (minimum PMW-F5, PMW-F3, NEX-FS-700, Canon 550D, Sony NEX 5N). You will also be able to compare the images from both dedicated video cameras and DSLR’s.

This one-day workshop is a must for anyone interested in large sensor cameras and improving their film making techniques.

You will leave this session with:

  • Pros and cons of using cameras with large sensors
  • How to light and expose for a filmic look
  • Different types of gamma curves, log curves and raw recording methods
  • How to manage your depth of field
  • Techniques to maximise the performance of large sensor cameras
  • The pro’s and con’s of using lens adapters, DSLR and PL mount lenses
  • and much more…

Who should attend:
This Masterclass is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning how to get the best from a large sensor cameras or improve their film making techniques in general. Cinematographers, DoP’s, camera operators, freelancers, focus pullers.

What attendees say..

“It was a great day, Alister certainly knows his stuff and is a good presenter as well”
Bruna Fionda РLighting Camerawoman 

“The rightful thanks entirely belong to Visual Impact for this superb opportunity to learn from the genius Aistair Chapman.”
Dhruv Gadhvi – Cameraman

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the Sony PMW-200 Masterclass…. It was not only great to learn more about the PMW200, but also to meet the other attendees.”
Steve Vousden – News Craft Coordinator, BBC Wales

“Thanks for organising the event at Teddington. It was enjoyable and interesting and helpful. A big thank you to all your staff who participated.”
Chris Morphet – Cameraman

“I really enjoyed the day found it so useful. All the staff we so friendly and informative.”
Tony Jones – Director- Lighting Cameraman/DoP/Editor/PD

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