Workshops in Helsinki, Vilnius, Riga and at NAB.

26th March, Suomilammi Helsinki. PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 workshop looking at the cameras, workflow, 4K and raw with hands on time and end to end workflow demos.

8th – 11th April, NAB, Las Vegas. Daily one hour overview of the F5/F55 looking at 4K, color space, raw and workflow.

24th April, Tilts Integration, Riga. PMW100/150/200 Masterclass.

25th April, LRT, Vilnius. PMW100/150/200 Masterclass.

I’m also looking into digital imaging workshops in New York, Austin (Texas) and LA in late May. These will cover things like 4K, gamma, log, raw and camera setups as well as general filming and production techniques. If your interested let me know.

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