Alphatron EVF upgrades… Including waveform and vectorscope!

Alphatron EVF with waveform monitor.
Alphatron EVF with waveform monitor.

Hot of the show floor from CabSat is a great new upgrade for the Alphatron 035W viewfinder. The firmware for the viewfinder has been updated to include a waveform monitor and vectorscope. The size of these can be adjusted so you can have a small inset waveform in the bottom left of the screen or a much larger waveform across the bottom of the screen. This is a great upgrade (especially for anyone think of using it with an F5/F55) and best of all it can be applied to any Alphatron EVF. I believe this is available free of charge to anyone that has an Alphatron EVF which is even better.

There are also some hardware changes which includes a new optic in the monocular that combined with a new filter and protection layer on the LCD screen means that sun damage is now extremely unlikely even if you don’t close the shutter. Lots of good news coming from Alphatron!

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