Edit with Premiere and disappearing disc space.

I’ve just ordered a new MacBook Pro. It’s a Retina MBP, so has a 512GB SSD. Upgrading this is difficult and extremely expensive. So in preparation for the new machines arrival I started freeing up disc space on my current MacBook Pro. I used a useful piece of free software called “GrandPerspective” to visualise what’s using up my disc space. While searching around I came across a bunch of files eating up a huge amount of disc space. These are Adobe Premiere’s cache files. These never get deleted unless you do some house keeping. Even if your projects and media are saved on external drives, these cache files will slowly fill up your system drive unless you select the tick box to “save media cache files next to originals where possible” under the “preferences”, “media” tab. While your there you can also “clean” your cache database to remove older cache files.

Premiere Media Cache

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  1. Hi Alister
    Sorry a bit off topic… have a shoot.. editor using Adobe Premiere CS5. Would shooting XDCAM EX MP4 be easier for ingest, rather than XDCAM HD UDF MXF.. either one is ok for the shoot.. I ask as had some editors seem to have trouble ingesting UDF MXF files from my PMW500.. just one day shoot with quick turn around for them so just want to be on the safe side.. any thoughts..


  2. So true. Found this out about two weeks ago when I was wondering why my local hard drive was losing disc space progressively when all my media, etc are on external drives. Found 272GB of Media Cache Files! And to think, I just started with CS6 3 months ago! Granted I work 7 days a week on lots of footage week in and week out but this little secret hiding place for cache files needed to be cleaned like crazy. Once you are done with your projects, select “clean” as you mentioned…I’ve read that you should NOT go to the actual folder where the media cache files are and delete from there but instead just hit “clean” and it will get rid of media cache files that don’t appear to be needed any more (as in the media/project files are gone (I think)).

    Now if only Premiere CS6 can fix their multicam and warp stabilizer issues! Such a buggy little program. I get more errors and freezes now than I can ever remember. Great program…just with major bugs and design flaws that need fixing badly!

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