PMW-200 Firmware V1.1 Update. Helps Fix Back Focus Issues.

Sony have just released a firmware update for the PMW-200. Click Here for a download link.

One of the key features of this update is the ability to automatically adjust the cameras back focus. This will be great news for the few users out there that are reporting slight focus shifts when zooming. The design of the Fujinon lens used on the EX1, EX1R, EX3 and new PMW-200 means that if the camera is bumped around, say in transit somewhere or during delivery shipment the back focus can get misaligned. The auto flange back adjustment operates by placing the camera at least 3m (10ft) from a wall with patterned wall paper or a flat brick wall (something with a texture or pattern the camera can focus on easily) or a Siemens Star chart. The camera must be square on to the target. Then execute the FB Adjust option in the menu to run the calibration routine.

The next new feature is the ability to add the CBK-WA01 WiFi adapter to the camera for remote operation from an iPhone, iPad or Android device (although I have not seen the matching app for this yet). Finally there is now the ability to save the camera setup to a USB memory stick.

7 thoughts on “PMW-200 Firmware V1.1 Update. Helps Fix Back Focus Issues.”

  1. I’ve downloaded the firmware…now I’m not sure how to proceed. Do you know of any detailed instructions for actually installing the new firmware?

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi!
    I am in the process of upgrading my event videography company (mostly
    weddings for now) from SD to HD. (I took some time off to raise a
    child). Now I am returning and need to catch up tech wise. I have bought
    the Sony XDCAM PMW-200. I am now trying to figure out which camera
    would be best for my company. I would need to edit footage from both
    cameras on the same timeline and create videos for my clients. I really
    want to buy the Canon 5d Mark3. My concern is that it will be too hard
    to edit them together. I have FCP7.

    Can anybody tell me a workflow that will work and I can depend upon with
    all the footage that is inherent in event videography? I am a good
    shooter, but no tech wizard, but willing to learn for a great result. Is
    learning the tech to edit these two cameras together worth it? Or
    should I just buy another XDCAM? Eventually I want to do more than just
    event videograhy, so I am really pulling for the Canon 5D m3. Any
    advise? Or perhaps a workflow explanation for “dummies?” I need to start
    some where… Thanks so much for your time…I urgently need help
    because I need to decide which camera this week…
    I do not mind the two looking different. I can learn to work with that
    with the fact that each “scene” will be very different looks. However, I
    am concerned with learning how to shoot in a way that makes the two
    cameras footage mixable on a timeline, and then also being able to bring
    each one into FCP7 with correct settings to make them exist happily
    together. (frame rate, audio, etc, etc-especially since the FPS is different right?29.97 to a hard 30fps?). I have researched and
    researched to find a tutorial that includes both, (shooting with the
    correct camera settings with the intention of bringing both cams footage
    into FCP7 in a way that cuts together, and ALSO includes
    settings/methods of how exactly to bring them in. At this point, I feel
    like I need someone to litterally come into my office and teach me how
    because I have not found a video tutorial that includes both…Perhaps
    because shooters seem to answer some blogs, and editors seem to answer
    editing questions on the net. I need to find a way to marry these two so
    that I can make it all as easy as possible (shooting and workflow). I
    understand that I have quite a bit to learn…but I am willing to put in
    the time. I have no unrealistic goal of being able to match experts
    talents at this point.

    Once I understand if there is a way of doing all of this and how
    difficult the process is, I can make an informed decision about which
    camera to buy. I am pulling for the 5D M3 because I think it would be
    best for transitioning into commercial. However my bread and butter will
    be event videography for now. If there is any way to explain this
    process with both objectives in mind, it would be amazing and totally
    help me out. or if anyone knows of a tutorial, please point me in that
    direction. Or even a class/worshop in NYC or Massachusetts?

  3. Hi,
    for some reason I cannot move the 1.20 upgrade to the SxS card via my computer it just bounces off I followed the pdf instruction formatting the card in camera tryed a 32Gig and an 8Gig card its the same when connecting the camera directly?

    Any ideas anybody!

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