Sony F5 and F55 pricing released, by mistake!

Looks like someone made a bit of a mistake and released the Japanese Yen prices for the F5, F55 and it’s accessories. The web page with the prices is here:

A rough conversion of the prices gives us the following:

PMW-F55 Camera Body    £23k/$36k

PMW-F5 Camera Body  £13.6k/$22k

ASX-R5 Raw Recorder  £4k/$6.5k

DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder £4.4k/$7k

DVF-L350 LCD Viewfinder £2.5k/$4k

DVF-L700 7″ Monitor/Finder £3.5k/$5.6k

ASX-CR1 ASX Card reader (pronounced “Access”) £480/$770

BP-FL75 Battery £390/$625

BC-L90 Dual Channel Battery Charger £630/$1k

These prices are a rough direct conversion of the Yen prices. They do not take into account any regional tax or import duty variations so the prices may end up a little different from what you see here. However they should at least be pretty close. Cameras are expected to start shipping in Feb 2013. No prices for the ASX media or for the SxS Pro+ cards as yet.

3 thoughts on “Sony F5 and F55 pricing released, by mistake!”

  1. Hi Alister

    Do you know if these batteries can be used on any camera,and charger.. or somehow specific for the F series camera,s.. presume not.. but just wondered as I need new batts soon..

    Ive always found the ¥en prices to be higher than anywhere else.. and the US always the cheapest.. anyway still very good prices..

    1. I spoke to the Sony rep at BVE this week whilst I was drooling over it and he said that you can use standard v mount batteries on it, so one presumes you can do it the other way round…

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