PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 power consumption.

I was just looking at this picture of the F55 on a shoot in the UK:

I noticed the camera was being powered by two VL-175 batteries, that’s two 175Wh batts! Seamed a bit overkill to me, it may be just to balance out the heavy PL-Mount lens. But it got me thinking. I’ve checked the specs and the camera body is rated at 25W. A viewfinder will probably add around another 5W (maybe more) and the ASX-R5 has a rather large fan which suggests it gets hot, so it probably consumes a fair amount of power. If we say 15W as a guess for the R5, then your looking at an all up power consumption of around 45W. So I think you may be looking at somewhere between 40 and 50 watts for a complete F5/F55 R5 outfit. That’s a lot of power, no wonder Sony have also released the new high current Olivine batteries to power them. Remember to allow for a decent set of batteries when you looking at getting an F5/F55.

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