New Sony F5 and F55 modular/upgradable camera systems. XAVC Codec.

So here they are the new F5 and F55 cameras as well as the ASX-R5 raw recorder and a new 100 Mb/s XAVC codec. On top of that there is also a completely new range of 6 PL mount lenses from 20mm to 135mm. The cameras are modular, with various viewfinder and shoulder mount options. The shoot HD, 2K and 4K 16bit raw. The key difference between the F5 and F55 is that the F55 has a global shutter so no more rolling shutter artefacts. In addition the F55 can shoot at up to 240fps while the F5 is limited to 120fps.  It may be that the sensors are different in the F5 and F55 as the F55 sensor has the same type of colour filter arrangement as the F65. In both cases dynamic range is in excess of 14 stops.

I’m not going to list all the really exciting features here, follow the link above for that. But these cameras are a radical departure from what Sony normally do. These cameras are designed to be future proof ¬†certainly for the next 4 or 5 years. You buy the body of your choice, add your preferred OLED viewfinder and then add the options you need as you go. Built in recording is 422 XDCAM HD or a new AVC Intra codec which Sony is calling XAVC. XAVC is a 100 Mb/s 10 bit codec, so this means that internal log recording is now viable as well as a future internal 2K option (upto 120fps). In addition there will be a future internal option for SR recording at upto 444 RGB, 440Mb/s. The F5 will be able to record upto 120fps using next generation SxS cards called SxS Pro+ while the F55 will go upto 240fps and record 4K raw internally.

Its worth noting that these new cameras do not replace the F3. The F3 will continue in Sonys product line up sitting below these new models as a high quality but lower cost option.


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