4 thoughts on “My NEX-EA50 video review.”

  1. Hello again!

    Thanks for your input and footage from this camera and the PMW200. Was there any gain applied to your shots of downtown at night using the EA50? I know you mentioned that your shots of downtown using the PMW200 you had gain at +6db and +9db but the EA50 footage looked a bit darker (yet cleaner/better in my opinion) but I know that those were also two different nights that the videos were shot so its probably not the best idea for me to compare them. Just trying to again compare the pluses and minuses of the two cameras with regards to low light shooting since much of what I shoot (weddings/events) are in dimly lit environments. I know you had said these two cameras are similar in sensitivity but then you thought the EA50 would have less noise at the expense of possibly more moire and aliasing due to it being a photo sensor. Since you right now know the most about these cameras and have had the most time with them both all your thoughts are welcome.

    Finally, do you plan to compare the EA50 with the Sony VG900 by any chance with regards to image quality, low light, etc.? Thank you Alister!

        1. Hi Alister!

          I know you’ve moved on to more exciting news with the new F series releases but I have two more questions about this EA50 for you if you have a moment:

          1) When you originally said its sensitivity is comparable to the PMW-200…is that with the 18-200 3.5-6.3 lens?

          2) Obviously the lossless digital zoom feature is nice. Can it be used on the included zoom lens? For example, once you reach 200mm, can it be activated (how?) so that it then goes to 400mm with relatively no picture degration and no further loss of light?

          Thank you!

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