New Canon EF-S to Sony E-Mount adapter, with Autofocus!

I have not tried this but have been sent some information from one of my Sony contacts (this is not endorsed by Sony). It appears to be a very similar adapter to the metabones adapter but with the addition of the ability to use the one push auto focus button on the camera to set the focus. You don’t get continuous auto focus and I have no idea if the adapter is any good, but at only $250 it’s got to be worth a try. You can find them on ebay but I have no other information at this time other than the video below.


3 thoughts on “New Canon EF-S to Sony E-Mount adapter, with Autofocus!”

  1. Attention folks!
    E-mount is now proven to support full frame sensors as well (VG900) but beware, the current Canon smart adaptors are not prepared yet for that job!
    I asked MXcamera directly and they answered this: “I am so sorry that we think it cannot use it on full frame Sony camera (like VG900). This is for APS-C size only.”
    Metabones’ 2nd generation smart adater is not apt for FF either:
    see note nr. 5 on their own page:
    This adapter has a circular opening whose diameter is not big enough to cover a full-size 36mm x 24mm sensor. Lenses with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 or slower are supported but faster lenses will run into vignetting issues at corners.

    1. Well EF-S is only for APS-C anyway. You need EF mount and EF lenses for anything bigger that APS-C and Super35. I believe the new Sony full frame cameras revert to windowed APS-C unless the recognise a full frame lens.

  2. just bought a nex 5 and need to buy a telephoto lens looking at canon ef-s 55-250 or similar but wandering about a lense with i s .sony prices for lenses are way above my needs.thanks in reply jeff ,any advice will be welcome.

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