Single Sensor Cameras: Pixel count is not the same as resolution!

Oh I get fed up with this. Just came across a product manager claiming that the resolution of his bayer sensor equipped camera was the same as the horizontal pixel count. Come on guys, know your products, know what your talking about. With a single chip camera the resolution will always be lower than the pixel count. This is pretty basic stuff. With a bayer sensor the resolution is at best 0.8 x the horizontal pixel count. But manufacturers like to pull the wool over the customers eyes spouting erroneous claims that the resolution is the same as the pixel count.

If you want to call your camera 5k, 4k or 2.5k that’s fine, but don’t claim the resolution is 2.5k when the camera only has 2.4k of active pixels on a 2.5k pixel wide sensor. It’s impossible and it’s incorrect and I’m not even going to go into how much lower the diagonal and colour resolution is with bayer.
Rant over.

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