2 thoughts on “PMW-F3 in the hands of a true pro.”

  1. These are hilarious, ingenious, short and so sweet. I’m pretty sure I met Charles Papert in the 80’s in Boston at a ITVA meeting. He showed us a steadicam job he did where he stepped off a crane or a “cherry picker” that had just come down from a height of about 20 feet, and continued the shot walking off that platform. It was a very smooth move, and I remember he moved out to Hollywood to upgrade his career. Kudos to him.

  2. Hi Brian:

    ITVA! Haven’t thought about those initials in many years!

    Well, if it was indeed in the 80’s, I think I may recall the shot in question, probably my first crane step-on (the reverse of what you described) which was prior to buying my first rig (I used to rent the Filmarts Steadicam, which I later bought when Filmarts sold its inventory to Boston Camera). 20 years later, hung up the vest and moved on to working full-time as DP.

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