BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 3G Confusion….. created by BlackMagic!

I kept coming across posts and messages from people trying to get their Blackmagic Shuttle 2’s to work with the 3G ports on the F3. I decided to investigate this for myself as I am developing an exciting accessory for the Shuttle. I had been led to believe the Shuttle 2 had 3G HDSDi because of this, from the BMD press release on their web site:

But when you check out the tech specs, also on the BMD web site you will find this:

When I tested a shuttle 2 with the 3G Sdi on my F3 it didn’t recognise it at all. So my guess is that the press release is incorrect and misleading and the tech specs are correct. So be warned, don’t believe everything you read in a BMD press release. I feel sorry for anyone that purchased a Shuttle 2 expecting it to have 3G HDSDi and the usual signal and recording capabilities that it normally implies.

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  1. I think BM should issue refunds for those people caught out by this false publication.

  2. I wanted to buy a hyper shuttle after I watched Alisters NAB Slog presentation. Can someone please point me in the right direction. I need to buy a recorder for my F3, cant afford a gemini or cinedeck, so will settle for 422 10bit. I edit on a windows system with premiere and after effects cs6, most 422 recorders Ive seen record to apple prores or MOV files which I believe are for apple systems. I have learnt the footage will be knocked down to 8bit when brought over to a windows system. Can someone please advice which recorder to buy so I can keep 10bit and edit on a windows system.
    Thanks in advance

  3. I do wonder… can you connect the SDI output of the EX1 to the Hyperdeck and use the HDMI output from Hyperdeck to a field monitor HDMI input?

    That would be a nice upgrade for EX1! ProRes 4:2:2 and HDMI πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Alister,

    I picked up an F3 with Slog/RGB recently and am purchasing a Shuttle 2 as well. Can you give a brief step-by-step? I think it would start something like this? (1) Download Shuttle software to Mac (or PC) (2) Connect USB port of Shuttle to Mac (3) Choose video format (I know you have to do this each time you want to change formats) (4) Connect BNC F to DIN 1.0/2.3 RG-179 Cable from (HD SDI port A? HD SDI port B? SDI Out port?) port on the F3 to port ____ on the Shuttle. (5) Choose ________ setting(s) in F3 (5) Press record button on F3 (6) Press record button on Shuttle (7) Record video (8) Press stop record buttons on both F3 and Shuttle.

    It’s the blank spots and question marks above I am not quite sure about, and anything else I am missing! πŸ™‚ Not quite sure what the SDI/HDMI/i.LINK I/O Select as well as SDI/HDMI Out Display settings should be with the Shuttle, as well as the 23.98P Ouput settings depending on what format I am shooting. Assume I have an HDMI tap with LUT turned on for the director.

    Last, how are you powering your Shuttle?

    Thanks for any help! The Shuttle manual looks pretty useless. πŸ™‚

  5. I am afraid that the press release is NOT misleading but the compatibility is the issue.
    The Deck can record at 3g, but the camera cannot push 3g across only one SDI port. Some cameras can, to rub salt in the wound; a Black Magic cinema camera can, but a F3 requires that both ports run at 1.5 to give you a combined 3g.
    Some recorders allow for this- such as the Gemini, which was mentioned. These recorders have two SDI inputs to allow for the combined 3g.
    The best you can expect from a Hyperdeck is a 1.5 YCbCr 10bit color 422, which is still amazing quality and can really push the camera past the onboard recorder, but there is sadly no cheap alternative to a Gemini except possibly a Black Magic 3d recorder that runs about 1000 usd, requires a computer on set, as well as a solid-state recorder, but you might be able to get the kit down to a 1200 usd range and still get 444.
    Not trying to stir things up, I own a F3, and am happy with my Hyperdeck, but I do know the limitations of it, and renting a Gemini for larger gigs is my solution, and just being happy with the quality of 422 the rest of the time, it’s hard to beat the price of the hyper deck.
    Also to Paul, I use an Anton Bauer battery system to power the deck, camera, and tap.

    1. That’s incorrect. The F3 can output either dual link 1.5G or 3G over a single HDSDI if it has the Slog/RGB key or is a late version with Slog/RGB as standard. The Hyperdeck Shuttle however only has a single 1.5G input. 1.5G/3G has nothing to do with the recording format, it is purely a reference to the connectivity. The Shuttle is limited to 422 as with no 3G input there is no point in enabling 444 as there is simply no way to get it in to the device. The problem is with the Shuttle. not the F3. Only the Studio Hyperdecks have single link 3G, the Shuttle does not. On the F3 single ling 3G selection is in the output settings and referred to as S-Log 3G YPbPr422 & Video 3G RGB444 & Video 3G RGB444 & S-Log.

      As a 422 recorder the Hyperdeck Shuttle is quite capable and the image quality is good. But it does not have a 3G input. If you double check the revised tech specs page you will now see the input is no longer listed as 3G

      As for alternatives, well since this was written as well as the Gemini and soon to arrive Odyssey, there is now also the PIX-240 which has had a firmware update that allows 3G 444 recording from the F3, thus proving the F3 output can be 3G.

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