GenusTech PMW-F3 top cheese plate.

I’ve just taken delivery of a couple of the new GenusTech (Genus had to change their name to GenusTech recently) top cheese plates for my F3’s. The F3 already has a couple of 1/4″ screw holes for accessories, but these aren’t well located and on their own a little flexible. By spreading the load of any accessories across both holes, located on either side of the top of the F3 the cheese plate makes your accessories more secure.

In addition there is an abundance of threaded 1/4″ ┬áholes on the top, sides and front of the plates giving you lots more mounting options. As well as the 1/4″ holes there are also a couple of 3/8″ mounting points on the rear of the plates. My main use for these plates is for mounting small monitors like my TVLogic VFM056W, external recorders like the Gemini and external EVF’s like the now shipping Alphatron. Like all GenusTech products it’s CNC machined from high grade aluminium and finished with a high quality hard black anodised surface. The part number is GCP-F3 and they are available from Genustech dealers worldwide.

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