“A Diamond in the Mind” Available for pre-order on Amazon

The incredible Duran Duran concert that I was involved with shooting at the end of last year is available for pre-order on Amazon. “A Diamond In The Mind” is due to be released on July 2nd. I was responsible for the camera setups and picture profiles used on the shoot and having seen the end result, I’m really pleased. The film has an incredible look that really captured the magic of the moment. 11 x PMW-F3’s, FS100’s, mini-cams, jibs, Alura and optimo lenses all contribute to an incredible looking concert video.

3 thoughts on ““A Diamond in the Mind” Available for pre-order on Amazon”

  1. Hi I pre ordered my copy of a diamond in the mind, really looking forward to watching it! 🙂

    1. Mine arrived at home yesterday, but I’m away on business so won’t get to see it until later in the week.

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