Adobe CS6 new pricing model.

I think I have got this right! Instead of buying Adobe’s production suite software outright, you can now licence the entire suite on a monthly basis, choosing either a year long renewable contract or a month by month contract. If you already have a CS3 or higher product there is a reduced subscription rate. So now for just $49 a month ($29 if you already have a CS3 or higher licence) I can have access to all the latest creative suite applications. Compared to paying thousands of dollars for the full suite of Adobe software applications this new subscription model looks to be much more affordable. I do note however that you can still buy various creative suite bundles and the new prices appear lower than before. CS6 now includes Speed Grade which is a fantastic grading tool that even includes correction and alignment tools for 3D material too. Another addition is Prelude which is an ingest and logging tool that allows you to create log sheet, plus add markers and notes to clips which will pass through the complete CS6 workflow. The licence allows you to instal the apps on two machines, so this great for those of us with a laptop on the road and a workstation in the office.

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