Keeping Busy.

Pair of Red Epics on a Hurricane Rig.

Not had much time to post recently, been very busy on some really interesting projects. The main project I’m currently working on is a big budget 3D documentary series called Storm City, about natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. I can’t say too much about exactly what we have been shooting, ┬ábut it’s been really interesting doing re-creations of some of these events. My role is as stereographer on the studio based reconstructions. Cameras are Red Epics and much of what we are shooting we are doing at 200fps.

70,000 watts of instant lightning!

We have been using all kinds of special effects including air canons to blow out windows, huge wind machines and my favourite, a “lightning Strikes” lightning simulator. This is basically a 70,000 watt strobe lamp that flashes and flickers like real lightning at the press of a button. So I have been having a lot of fun recreating the full force of nature inside a small studio. The TV series will be on Sky 3D and National Geographic later in the year. I have 3 more days on the shoot this week, then at the weekend I’m off to Spain to shoot Ducati Moto GP racing bikes in 3D. I’ll be using the Hurricane Rig along with my F3’s for this, but the C300 will also be going to shoot some 2D as well.

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