2/3″ B4 to F3, Canon C300, Canon 7D/550D and FS100 available now from MTF.

MTF B4 to F3 adapter kit.

Those of you that may have been following my development of this adapter should know that Mike now has a good stock of them. There on his web site for order. Great news is that as well as the F3 it works really well with the Canon C300 and APS-C DSLR’s. If you buy the F3 kit you can remove the rear part and then the adapter will work on the C300 or 7D etc making it really versatile.

5 thoughts on “2/3″ B4 to F3, Canon C300, Canon 7D/550D and FS100 available now from MTF.”

  1. Interesting to see how a lens designed for a prism system can possibly functioning well on a non prism system. Guess there is optical correction/ compensation.

    Any C300 video samples between a good 2/3″ HD v.s. a good EF / PL ?

    1. Of course using a B4 2/3″ lens on a super 35mm camcorder is not optimal. You will almost certainly get a better image from a dedicated PL lens or maybe a good EF lens. BUT how many 40x PL mount or EF mount par-focal servo zoom lenses exist and at what price? If you need a compact 14x to 20x par focal servo zoom on your C300 what are your current options? Right now this is the only way you can do this.

      If you have ever decent primes you will realise that zoom lenses are always a compromise between convenience and image quality. This is no different. There will be occasions where a servo zoom will allow you to get shots that you would otherwise miss, for example covering a fast moving sport or breaking news story. Which is better, no shot or a very slightly less than optimum shot? In most cases, in the applications I foresee the adapter being used, the end viewer is unlikely to notice the difference.

      Compare the cost of an Angenieux 24-240mm PL mount lens, a 10x non servo zoom at close to $100,000 to a Canon or Fuji 17x HD servo zoom plus my adapter at $15,000. Sure the Angenieux is a better lens, but it weighs 14kg (22lbs) and is impossible to use handheld.

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