Upgrade to S-Log for the price of an SxS card.

UPDATE: This does NOT come on an SxS card or include an SxS card. The camera must be sent to a Sony service centre to be upgraded, and I’ve only seen the offer for USA customers.

Hot news is that the S-Log option for the PMW-F3 can now be had for  $899 USD. You can have all the benefits of S-Log and 4:4:4 RGB out. If you paid full whack for the S-Log option then you can get $2500 USD off a Sony SR-R1 or the Sony F3 servo zoom lens.

9 thoughts on “Upgrade to S-Log for the price of an SxS card.”

  1. When did they they/will they announce this?????? I just bought SLOG yesterday! Feeling pretty screwed. But good news for everyone else…..

  2. Are they giving it on a card? Sounds like you have to send it in to Sony for the upgrade to be installed. Thoughts?

    Also, do you think the F3, through firmware upgrade, could output 8bit 50mbs 422? Is the hardware there? If this is a move to compete against the C300, 422 would be a coveted option.

    1. The S-Log option key is supplied on an SxS card. You insert the card in the camera and use the install option function to activate S-Log on the camera. You can then use the SxS card just as you would any other SxS card. There is no need to send the camera to Sony. The S-Log option key can at anytime be removed from the camera back to an SxS card (any SxS card) and installed on another camera. The software key can only ever exist in one place so it is impossible to instal one key on multiple cameras.

      I don’t know whether the encoder inside the F3 can do 4:2:2.

      1. The new $899 S-Log deal is not on an SxS card. You need to actually send the camera to Sony and it will be hardwired to your camera. The only negative aspect is you cannot take the S-Log off the camera and install onto another camera. No SxS card you get to keep either, but the fact that a 32gb card is only around $450, this is one great deal.

        1. I’ve just seen that the details of the camera are required and a card is not included and the camera must go back to Sony. Still it’s a big reduction over the original price.

    1. I have not heard anything official out of Sony Europe. My guess is that there will be a similar offer in the EU. I know that many of the Sony product managers are in some big meetings this week, so I would expect to hear more later in the month.

    1. I’m sure the C300 is responsible for this. Mine is waiting for me at Visual Impact, but I’m away in Sweden running a 3D workshop and shooting a 3D short for the next 10 days.

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