A Very Merry Christmas to one and all!

I’d just like to wish all my readers a very happy Christmas. Thanks for the support and kind words I received from many of you over the year.

Next year promises to be an exciting one, there will be new cameras to play with, firmware updates and gadgets galore. I will be running workshops across the world, starting straight after the Holidays in Korea and JeJu. Mid Jan I have a 3D workshop at ProKit in London, then it’s off to Norway for my Northern Lights expedition where I will hopefully stream near live Aurora images. Feb looks like a visit to the USA for more workshops and so it continues. I have most of May booked out next year for Tornado chasing assignments in the USA and a couple of interesting film projects on the cards.

I hope you all have interesting and exciting things to look forward to next year. I know time are tough for many right now, perhaps if your not so busy it’s a good time to learn some new skills or hone existing ones, after all it’s your skills that will make you stand out from the crowd, not the technology that you may or may not own.

So have a happy holiday season, I’ll have more stuff for you to read after a short break.


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