Alister’s Product of the Year 2011

Well the new year is less than a month away and at this time every year I start to consider my product of the year. To qualify the product must be available for general purchase within the year, so the C300 can not be included. In the running at the moment:

PMW-F3, FS-100, Convergent Design Gemini, Atamos Ninja/Samurai, Matrox Ultra Studio, F65 (if it ships before year end). Media Composer 6, Zacuto EVF, Cineroid Metal EVF.

Anyone think I should be considering anything else?

4 thoughts on “Alister’s Product of the Year 2011”

    1. Interesting, but until we get more fast thunderbolt I/O devices like eSata or USB3, then getting stuff on to some systems is still a bottleneck. I was hoping the Sonnet EchoExpress would be in time. Maybe it will just make it before Christmas.

  1. Hi Alister,

    Can’t see how you’ve missed it out, it’s the most anticipated and discussed product of the year, it’s divided opinion like a laser beam, it’s caused people to jump into lifeboats faster than those on the titanic.

    But I think it’s great ( if born a bit too early )

    Sure, it’s FCPX, the obvious companion to your new Eos C300.

    Happy Christmas!

    1. No, I have not missed it out. It lacks a significant number of features essential to most pro level productions so it absolutely does not make it on to my short list. It’s all but impossible to save multiple versions of events (projects), no multi cam, no multi-track, poor audio handling. Yes it has promise, but at the moment it’s like a Ferrari with no accelerator pedal in my opinion.

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