Another XDCAM-USER milestone: Half a million hits a month!

It’s really flattering to find that XDCAM-USER has passed another milestone. Last month the site received 518,817 hits from 62,310 visits. Please, please let me know what you want more of, is it reviews, tech notes, or just my random ramblings? I’ve got some really exciting projects lined up for next year including a super 35mm 3D music video shoot, Northern lights workshops (sold out), 3d and Cinematography workshops, a feature shoot for big screen release and much much more.

One thought on “Another XDCAM-USER milestone: Half a million hits a month!”

  1. Dear Alister,

    You have the rare talent of explaining really complicated technical stuff, and make them
    easy(er). I can tell my students a more complete story since I read your blog.

    All I would like is more of the same.

    Thank you very much for your time and effort.

    Kind regards,


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